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LEGO City Corner (7641)

LEGO City Corner (7641) Review



  • Lots of details including working doors and windows, seat the minifigures on the bus or have them dine at the pizzeria
  • Bus measures over 7 inches (17.8cm) long by 3 inches (7.6cm) tall
  • Bus stop measures 5 inches (12.7cm) long by 2.5 inches (6.4cm) wide
  • Includes 5 minifigures (bus driver, pizza girl, skater boy, mechanic and business man) and accessories
  • 483 pieces

Build a corner scene from LEGO City! Will the businessman be late for the bus? Will the boy get the skateboard of his dreams? And who gets to enjoy the freshly-baked pizza? It's all up to you! Build a pizzeria, bike/skate shop, and bus with bus stop.

  • Includes 5 minifigures (bus driver, pizza girl, skater boy, mechanic and business man) and accessories!
  • Lots of play opportunity: includes pizzeria, bike & skate shop, bus and bus stop!
  • Highly detailed! Working doors and windows, seat the minifigures on the bus or have them dine at the pizzeria! Don't forget to pick up the bicycle at the repair shop!
  • Bus measures over 7 inches (17.8cm) long by 3 inches (7.6cm) tall!
  • Two story pizzeria measures 5 inches (12.7cm) long by 7 inches (17.8cm) tall!
  • Bike/skate shop measures 5 inches (12.7cm) long by 3 inches (7.6cm) tall!
  • Bus stop measures 5 inches (12.7cm) long by 2½ inches (6.4cm) wide!


LEGO City Corner (7641)



There is a lot of activity at the Lego City Corner. The bus is coming, the pizza is baking, and the boy is riding the skateboard of his dreams. With 483 pieces, the Lego City Corner will give your child the chance to construct an entire street corner that includes a three-story pizza parlor, a movable city bus, and a skateboard shop. The Lego City Corner includes many small pieces and is recommended for kids ages five and older.


City Corner
    Ages: 5+

    Pieces: 483
What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:

The Good: An ideal first Lego scene for younger children.

The Challenging: Younger children may need help with following the instructions.

In a Nutshell: A full Lego scene that portrays a city street corner.

The Lego City Corner includes pieces for a pizzeria. View larger.

You'll find many roleplaying options inside: bake pizzas, dine in, or deliver!
View larger.

An Ideal Starter Kit for Younger Children
If your child has graduated from Lego Duplos and is ready to take on a real Lego set, the City Corner could be the place to start. Its modular designs and easy-to-follow instructions makes it relatively easy to build out the set.
Our advanced nine-year-old tester completed the entire set in about two hours. The set comes with some bigger pieces, making it easier for younger users to build.
A Complete City Corner
The City Corner is a real hopping place. At the heart of the corner is a three-story pizzeria with a glassed-in storefront and a pizza maker flipping a pizza. A business man waits for the bus at the bus stop as a boy on a skateboard rides by on his way to the skateboard shop.

The corner also includes a fire hydrant, street lamp, potted plants and several other accessories that give the street corner real city charm.
Five Figurines and a Movable Bus
Included with the set are five figurines -- a bus driver, pizza girl, skater boy, mechanic, and business man -- as well as all the pieces you'll need to construct a big city bus complete with side mirrors, headlights, windshield, and plenty of seats. Once constructed, the bus itself measures over seven inches long.

What's in the Box
483 standard Lego pieces that include five figurines (bus driver, pizza girl, skater boy, mechanic, and business man), many accessories, and instructions.


LEGO City Corner (7641)


Self muslin sagas , the same this perhaps the fairest at the moment obtainable Lego small package am. at a lot of love to the detail became the dreistöckige pizzerias designed. but also the little Shop and the Bushaltestelle are loving chalk worden. the biggest Highlight am however the bus such a catnip wheeler property self till now not yet seen. and at our place close by Lego City go a lot of vehicles about ;-) our 4,5 years alte son has whole enthusiastic the possession illustrate Legoanleitung step by step when model use and the building bzw. the bus mix together. also our peewee 3 aged son plays the bus and promotes so the Lego beings in of our town. real class , what Lego here when small package offers.

This set has a high toys. about the bus is it single seats. here ability the Legomännchen right sit and bus go. the pizza becomes also willingly mark in the domestic sphere gefuttert ". it tin whole individual at the divide played become. here is my Lego again right possession.exact how about the other article outfield the City - series , had our grandson (6 years ) very much joy on the assemblage and " firm " this Bausatzes. very good instruction , this children this hoary fuller fascination very possession sequences ability.

Mine children had a giants joke by erect as well as the play after that power this big joy , so one genuine romp toys at the peewees.this Stadtviertel am the ideal completion at every Lego town. alone because of the bus pay packet it himself this set to buy. the bus am 24 nap long , 6 nap wide and 8 rows cheer. he bids seats at Minifigs and the driver. the pizzerias am at a Pizzaoffen and seats in the 1.OG appareled. the only one deficiency am the missing staircase to the 1.OG. the Bike Skate Board Shop custom for it no door , there he yes a Überwachungskamera has. in any case one set , the same self nocheinmal buy shall.


LEGO City Corner (7641)



Prettiness box as I have buy for my son about 5 years. Her adjacent a gorgeous bus , indeed well-dsesigned , durable and functional , a small cessation about bus , a small store about bicycle and skate board , and a small dwelling house RDC pizzeria with kiln + 2 floor as the ounce tin easily detach ). The lot compose a decent start for a borough. My son has adored build all thanksggiving! Again a greatly beautiful case Lego City , thanksggiving allows about develop her borough enough apace and for not greatly dear! A small marvel!
This is a good little set for any Lego City and is essentially a collection of buildings and vehicles that could probably have been sold separately, particularly as each comes with its own moveable base-plate allowing you to arrange the street however you like.

What you get: A three-storey pizza parlour with an oven, counter, seating upstairs (no actual stairs to get there and an empty attic though) and of course some pizzas. It also comes with a female chef.

A skate and bike shop with bike, skateboard, helmets, counter, street-light and a nice little Lego CCTV camera. It also comes with a shop-worker and a kid on his own decorated skateboard.

A bus and bus stop, both are nicely designed, the bus can seat six and comes with a driver (who's dressed more like a chauffeur). The bus stop comes with another figure with a briefcase as well as a bin, some flowers and a street-light.

All in all a very nice set that fits in well with other Lego City sets, particularly the town plan (#10184). My only gripe would be the use of regular clear "building doors" on the bus which does seem odd. I'm sure that a folding version more reminiscent of those on a real bus would have been perfectly achievable.





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I like it it was great fun, I liked building it. I built it over 2 days which is good, I now display it on a bedroom shelf & play with it.  Lego resort receptacle has been part hence our 7yr aged veteran , man be pleased lego with cheerful among to the tune of his sail completely additional time man receptacle. Combatant was love to a small extent assemblage convex special hence a moderate change of one thing for another with disjoined production. Sequence forward love Fashion , transfer forward love Thursday , capability of producing good good , be grateful you. Drunk Rite be the cause of whole Jan 

We part special completely a regularity of recurrence offer hence our 10year aged veteran. Man be pleased it with with undertake production it early absent by the aid of utility incomplete his Veteran. It cease on time with pleasure us whole.
My 11 year daughter wanted this, which surprised me, but she has loved playing with. No trouble building it and she thinks the bus and the pizza palour are great. My 8 time trifling matter vehicle special among his regularity of recurrence means be the cause of increase his perpetually increase lego assemblage with it is harmless colour hence means. ( locomotion by land is beyond complete among multitude incomplete describe ) it was a truly complete change of one thing for another completely was completely truly completely £20 additional dear forward differing situation / buy truly advise

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Customer Reviews

My son loved this lego. It is part of the City and he easily built it in a few hours. Very sturdy and wonderful detail.

A great addition to lego city.  

My kids (7 & 8yrs old) are Lego fanatics, and this is their favorite set so far. I bought this along with a Lego Community Workers set and they have spent hours playing with it! They have set up a skate and bike shop - the friendly mechanic there sells bikes, helmets, and skateboards, fixes wheels and also services the bus. There is a pizza shop where friends meet and Moms and Dads have date nights (LOL), the place is always packed. The bus stop is always busy with people waiting. The bus is amazing and can hold many people.

I love the educational value of this set. It is hard to find real-world role playing toys for boys so they can act out real life situations. I highly recommend getting the City Corner and the Community Worker minifigure set together. Now we are deciding what other places we will build - like a school, a grocery store, a hospital. The City Corner can be the jumping-off point for building your entire Lego city!

You can't beat Legos for durability. I know these toys will be in my family for as long as they are wanted.

This set should be at the top of your child's list! 

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We purchased this for my son's birthday. He put it together with some parental assistance and has played with it quite a bit. It goes well with the other Lego City products. 

I gave this to my daughter for her 9th birthday - she has inherited many. many legos (from her two older brothers as well as from what I grew up with!) and while she is very creative in creating her own schools, spas, zoos, etc. she also has loved some of the sets. She had built her own "school bus", but she was thrilled to have a "real" bus and especially getting a "girl" (from the pizzeria) was HUGE - as well as she loved getting another skateboarder and TWO skateboards - she had an old one from her brothers, and has always wanted another. I was shocked at how quickly she put it all together - very well broken down into separate packaging - no frustration at all - now she wants the Fire truck set! 

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